Philip LePage (1995 BA Art History) was born in 1969 in Northern Canada but left in 1995 and remained in Sweden and Japan for 13 years. He currently lives on Prince Edward Island, Canada.

Photography for Philip LePage is centered on the contradictions inherent in ideas of home, identity and belonging. He thinks of photography as a journey between two worlds. A middle ground that separates and joins at the same time. A liminal space very like Isaac Stern described music; “that little bit between each note-silences which give form”.

I am currently looking to collaborate with curators, editors and other artists. If you have a project that you think my work would be of interest in, please don't hesitate to contact me. -Philip LePage

Curriculum Vitae:

In Print:

“10 Artists We Should Be Watching”, TBC/MAG, Pages 38-41, October 2018

"A Certain Distance", Hariban Award 2017 Anthology, February 2018

Spew Ⅷ , spewedition, December 2017

"A Certain Distance" Propeller Magazine, December 2017

Shift, Loosen Art Gallery, November 2017


“Still…” The Od Review, October 2018

“Absences” Dodho Magazine, September 2018

"Still.." Nihilsentimentalgia, June 2018

"Still.." Propeller Magazine, June 2018

"Still..." (Multimedia), Dodho Magazine, January 2018

"A Certain Distance: Surfacing" Yogurt Magazine, January 2018

"A Certain Distance" L'Autre Quotidien, (In French) 2017

"Still", Aldebaran Photo, (Greek and English) 2017

The British Journal of Photography, November 2017

Der Greif Guestroom: Susan Bright, Edges, 2017

Der Greif Guestroom: Susan Bright, Traces, 2017

“A Certain Distance”, Featured on Phosmag, 2017

"Still", Featured on Dodho Magazine, 2017

A Certain Distance”, Featured on LensCulture Magazine, 2017

Surfacing”, Featured on Dodho Magazine, 2017

A Certain Distance”, Featured on Dodho Magazine, 2016



Screen 2018, La Nuu Photography Festival, Rubí, Barcelona, October 2018

Photopolis, VANS Corridor Gallery Group Show, Connection October 3rd - 31st 2017
Exhibition curator: Lynn Ellis


A Certain Distance, Honorable Mention, Hariban Award, 2017

A Certain Distance, Honorable Mention, Monovisions, 2017

Still, Honorable Mention, Monovisions, 2017

In Parentheses, Honorable Mention, Monovisions, 2017

A Certain Distance, Honorable Mention, PDN Exposure Awards, 2016


University of British Columbia, Bachelor of Arts, Art History, 1995

Langara College, Fine Arts, University Transfer Program, 1992

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