Artists Statement

In Parentheses (カッコ内)

"We are in transit through non-place for more and more of our time, as if between immense parentheses..." Non-Places An Introduction To An Anthropology Of Supermodernity by Marc Augé

It was home. I have always thought of it as a series of islands. It is such an immense, densely populated city. I knew the neighborhoods I lived or worked in, the bars and restaurants that became my extended living spaces. But, that vast in-between traveled through to get from one to the other, and the anonymous passersby who populate it, remained a mystery. Frozen between ‘before’ and ‘after’, it was like a story board that had had the main plot removed. 

I have always been fascinated by the idea that there is always at least two people in a photograph, the photographer and the viewer. The oddly empty spaces of modern life, the anonymity of the crowd, seem to highlight that interaction. The stories they hint at contain what we bring to them. 

Going Places #4 (Shinjuku)_DxO.jpg