HARIBAN AWARD 2017 – Shortlist

Excited to be shortlisted for the Hariban Award 2017. As well as having one of my images featured on their page. The entire shortlist can be seen here.

For those who might be interested... 

Established in Kyoto in 1905, the Benrido Collotype Atelier brings over a century of experience to image- making. Collotype printing was the state of the art for photographic reproduction at the turn of the twentieth century. However, due to the high level of expertise needed to obtain consistent results, it was quickly replaced by the faster, cheaper, more mechanized process of offset printing. As one of the world’s few remaining producers of collotypes, Benrido offers rare access to this lost craft, providing opportunities for today’s photographers to collaborate with master artisan printers in making singularly beautiful museum-quality prints for exhibition and display. - from Benrido Ateliers Website.

This would be a dream come true.