Propeller Magazine Edition #1 Mancha

I am very pleased to have been able to take part in the open call for Propeller Magazine. I have just received my copy and am enjoying spending time going through it. It is a bit of an adventure as you will see from the video.

The book is available from Stolen Books.

PROPELLER #1 - Mancha / Stain

250 x 350 mm

Multiple booklets inside a custom silkscreened cardboard box.

Limited edition of 100 copies.

ISBN 978-989-54013-2-1

Published by Propeller and Stolen Books, December 2017

About Propeller: (from their homepage)

'Propeller' was born to promote the space given to photographic expression, but above all to think about the limits of its aesthetics, aiming at sharing original content. In addition to the publication of portfolios and visual essays by authors recognized by the public, at 'Propeller' we’re focused on sharing new prespectives, that somehow potentiate a critical approach to the field of photography.

With each issue, 'Propeller' embraces the challenge posed by one of the many paradigms of photographic aesthetics, inviting a diverse set of authors to jointly prepare a singular proposal on the theme in question. To this end, 'Propeller' also hopes to be a space of critical mass creation, sharing essays, visual poetry and other disruptive works.

With a semiannual periodicity, 'Propeller' is a project by HÉLICE‘s team – Duarte Amaral Netto, João Paulo Serafim, Rodrigo Tavarela Peixoto and Valter Ventura – coordinated by Sofia Silva.

You can find their homepage here: Propeller 

Or follow them on Facebook here: Propeller Facebook